Born Montreal, 1976

Lives and works in Gatineau

Lefort explores a fresh approach to abstraction and a keen ability to combine gesture, form and color in a graceful and original choreography. Jennifer articulates a unique language and style, placing the viewer in an open-ended narrative. Her extraordinary use of color portrays the everyday in an unusual and unimaginable way, for example superimposing hot pink on an unripened banana, or harmonizing blood red on baby blue. One cannot help but react to these unconventional color-pairings, which points to Lefort's skillfull markmaking.

Jennifer Lefort holds an Honours BFA from Concordia University in Montreal and obtained her MFA at York University in Toronto in 2006. Recipient of the prestigious Plasket Award, the artist travelled extensively and resided in Berlin through the award led residency. The artist was recognized and selected as a finalist in the 2007 RBC Painting Competition. The artist was the subject of many solo exhibitions in Montreal as well as Toronto and her work was also included in many group exhibitions notably at Drake Hôtel in Toronto and at Oboro Gallery in Montreal. Her work is collected on both private and corporate levels. In Fall 2013, her new paintings will be presented in a solo show in Ottawa. Some notable acquisitions of Lefort’s work include the Musée Nationale du Québec, Aldo Group, Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abbott, Hydro-Quebec and more.