Feb. 25 - Mar. 12, 2016

Chloë Charce

Leyla Majeri

Jérôme Nadeau

Carolyne Scenna

Joani Tremblay

Elise Windsor 

Parisian Laundry is delighted to host Collision 12, the annual exhibition featuring graduating MFA students from Concordia University and l’Université du Québec à Montréal. Students are invited to submit their final projects for a curated group show. Over the years Collision has proven a critical initiative in fostering and showcasing emerging Canadian talent.

This year’s selection consists of a diverse range of sometimes overlapping media including photography, installation and sculpture. While such a plurality of approaches may at first indicate a cultural context exceeding the very notion of medium, a closer look reveals layers of nostalgia. Though nostalgia may sometimes signal naivety or conservatism, the artists of Collision 12 deploy it in constructive and critical ways.

Nostalgia here is used as a way to thoughtfully engage with the certainty of precedent, whether it be aesthetically, through the investigation of media or through the reclamation of space and memory. In many ways then, the projects provide welcome counter-narratives to the torrents of information and stories of technological advancement that characterize much of today’s cultural climate.