Erin Shirreff

Jan. 18 - Feb. 23, 2019

Parisian Laundry is pleased to present Erin Shirreff’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. Shirreff’s new video, Still will be projected within the gallery’s subterranean bunker space.

This silent video features sculptural forms of the artist’s making which have been previously seen in her two- and three-dimensional works. The rephrasing of the objects in Still furthers the ongoing processing of forms within Shirreff’s studio. Still explores the interplay of light and motion on subject and matter delving further into the artist’s interest in the liminality of representation.

Shirreff uses photography, video, and sculpture in her extensive and diverse body of work to explore the dimensionality of form and the ambit of perception. With this media she investigates how we experience the three-dimensional in our era of still and moving images. Alongside recurring themes of time and materiality, Shirreff’s work is an inquiry into gaps and overlaps, disappearances, and the threshold space of the in-between with objects and their representation.