Going together

Sept. 13 - Oct. 20, 2018

Throughout the range of public instances within which Alexandre David’s work has found its place, a different mode of perception of the social space that we simultaneously perform and inhabit is being shaped. His installations hold within themselves past and future interventions: David reuses the materials and challenges. From one installation to another, the material and conceptual configurations of the artist’s political investment are (re)activated and transformed.

Experiencing David’s work tends to problematize relationships of contemplation and use, bringing them so close to each other that the distance separating them becomes almost nonexistent. Playing with the relational modalities of the exhibition format, David captures the tensions that characterize the individual and the collective, activity and reactivity, as well as the indeterminate and the conditioned. Which liberties move through these social realities (or fictions)?

In Going together, the public space and the domestic space are combined within an installation that deepens the interstices defining them. Negative from one another and concurrently marked by an ambiguity that renders their conceptualization infinitely variable, the two spaces find their ultimate form in the visitor’s mental construct. Beyond their physicality, David’s structures are constituted through a codified apprehension or an “a-systemic” experimentation – if such experimentation is possible. 

– Maude Johnson