In My House

Nov. 7 - Dec. 7, 2019

Parisian Laundry is delighted to present In My House, a solo show in the gallery’s bunker space by NYC based artist Luke Murphy. Luke Murphy’s sculptures are assembled from LED Matrix panels that are produced in huge volumes and typically used for commercial signage. Murphy programs these devices to effect drawings and pixel manipulations and develops a configuration file for each piece that controls how the algorithm behaves, what color ranges are used, the degree to which colors are blended or change, and the rate of the animation. The resulting works are a combination of digital and manual manipulations as the final result takes sculptural form.

With wires and hardware exposed, Murphy’s works defy the seamlessness of today’s technologies and points instead to their inner workings and the physicality of these devices. Using what is now considered to be humble digital material, found in everything from convenience store signage to large scale commercial display these works are reminiscent of a minimalist repertoire, yet their surfaces are bright and flashy, beckoning us in an inversion of the familiar language of advertising. The notion of purity of form is disrupted in Murphy’s work, and a sense of pathos appears in these leaning towers of digital information. The resulting works contain personality and gesture, they appear somewhat defeated in their comportment, yet they push on with an endless visual display that speaks to a persistent desire to please, to invoke and garner our attention. Like the world of advertising that their materials suggest, these works create a distinct tension between expectation and joy, desire and fulfillment, form and disfunction.

Luke Murphy holds an MFA from the State University of New York at Purchase, a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and a Bachelor of Science in Physiology and English from the University of Toronto. Murphy has presented exhibitions and performances at venues such as Shane Campbell Gallery (Chicago, IL); CANADA (NYC, NY); The MAC (Dallas, TX); FIAC Special Projects, Petit Palais (Paris, FR); Postmasters (NYC, NY); MOCA Jacksonville (FL); The Kitchen (NYC, NY); Märkischen Museum (Berlin, DE); and The Queens Museum of Art (NYC, NY)Luke Murphy is represented by CANADA (New York, NY).