Les Larmes

June 1 - July 21, 2018

Les Larmes, Fabienne Lasserre’s solo exhibition in Parisian Laundry’s subterranean bunker gallery, is composed of a series of large-scale sculptures populating the cold concrete space. Their textures are as varied as the bunker walls, and they incorporate a wide range of materials, from aqua resin to corrugated plastic, steel, acrylic stucco, clear vinyl fabric, enamel and linen. Construction prevails in these confrontational yet anti-monumental works. Exaggerated in scale and impossibly flat in their largeness, the works bend and stretch to one another. Their conversational quality, and poise, makes for experiential viewing. Lasserre’s latest output continues to deny the distinction between painting and sculpture, focusing instead on the complexities and nuance of making and being-in-space.

As varied as these works are in their material and design, there is one constant that resonates throughout the exhibition: a formal quality firmly situated in the corporeal. Tears, a shape and substance that emerges from the body, are evoked in both form and title. Enacted as soft and hard, colourful and somber, opaque and transparent, vulnerable and assertive, these tears encapsulate the many facets of existence. Lasserre’s work suggests the profundity of bodily forms of expression as these cathartic drops take their place between the bunker’s concrete walls.