Tender Greed

Nov. 7 - Dec. 7, 2019

In Tender Greed, Gabriele Beveridge’s second solo exhibition at Parisian Laundry, the artist employs and extends the arsenal of materials that she has developed as distinctly her own. In combining organic with modular and mass-produced objects, Beveridge’s works evoke sites of commerce for the preparation and processing of bodies.
Two pairs of cast mannequin legs are hung from the ceiling and attached facing one another; these disjointed lower bodies are suspended in time together, locked in a perpetual empty conversation. Nearby, a faded poster for an unknown product is dissected by its frame and an imposing pile of broken geodes. A hat stand is repurposed as a geode display, like a tree of healing crystals, plucked from the grounds of current wellness trends. The walls hold works composed of patterns of shop display panels and blown glass orbs. The display panels are treated as abstract, modernist grids, alternating between custom powder coated gradients of the artist’s design and those unaltered from their found state. The artist preserves the found panels by applying a fixative over the patina of dirt and drips accumulated throughout their commercial lifespan. These panels playfully reference both the clichés of a commercial experience and the minimalist grid, a subversive nod to the idolization of desire and the experience of the sublime. Perspex display shelves and metal shoe stands push the tension between desire and deception further. They are affixed to the wall only to hold freehand globs of glass that appear to ooze from their intended display.

Beveridge complicates the invocation of the sublime by implicating the commercial world and its imperfections - the worn panels and organic forms of the bubbles and oozing glass resonate with neighboring chemigrams that are at once the product of a controlled chemical reaction, yet subject to nature and unpredictability. These uncanny combinations and nuanced flaws create an immersive experience that signals the fleeting and impossible character of perfection and the tender greed that leads us to continue to seek it.