Toujours la coquille de l’autre always the shell of another

Apr. 13 - May 19, 2018

Beyond the olive tree groves, within proximity to the salty mist spewed by the sea, under the intense heat of the summer sun, upon a hill littered of chalky marble rubble, there remain the ruins of an ancient stage. A reservoir of repertoires… The tragicomic cries of gulls echo through the hollow recesses of material absence. All sound muffled by dust. The past is here and up for grabs.


What was once there remains. A row of columns supporting little or nothing at all. Heavy and still. White in all of its subtle nuances: mute, opaque, brittle, bone dry. Like a spine of vertebrae disks, each column is a tower of individual slabs, persistent weeds poking through perfect alignment.


Madeleine-shaped seashells. Once hinged; slowly opening and closing like a trinket box. Once a home, their contours now eroded by the elements: water, salt, sun, and motion. Their iridescent finish chipped away like the neglected nail polish adorning busy hands.


The once upon a time is now. The steady rhythm of rotation is enacted by the potter’s wheel: the empty vessel as its manifestation. It is doubled over by the audible click of the rolling filmstrip. Swift rotations, subtle gestures, traces dictating form. Spiralling coils of matter. This is the work of hands.

                                                                                                            – Iliana Antonova


Parisian Laundry is proud to present Celia Perrin Sidarous’ second solo exhibition with the gallery, Toujours la coquille de l’autre always the shell of another. The exhibition includes photographs, a film, and ceramic objects, occupying both of the exhibition spaces on the ground floor and in the Bunker.